We would like to introduce you to ‘ALL RIVERS” great and small a factual/doc series produced by our company NFD Productions, which is based in Yorkshire.

“Such beautiful cinematography and you capture the land/scenery as if the person watching is exploring with you! Fantastic!”

“It’s got ‘TV hit’ written all over it!”

“The photography is so beautifully done”

‘All Rivers Great and Small’ is not just a series that reveals the stunning scenery of the Yorkshire Dales. By exploring the river valleys in the company of true locals, it provides an illuminating insight into how the character of Yorkshire men and women has been shaped by the land and how they in turn have influenced the landscape. This is psychogeography removed from the urban environment and put back into the rural setting where it belongs. It is also a series of entertaining trips with three opinionated and engaging products of ‘God’s Own County’.

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Sample Episode from the River Wharfe